I occasionally speak at conferences or events, either related to my creative writing and love of the arts, related to my faith in Jesus, or related to my second job as a birth doula. To learn more or to hire me to speak at an event you have coming up, get in touch with me.


Sample Speaking Topics

BIRTH STORY HEALING: As mothers, we often do not know where to turn with our birth story. Our birth stories often contain both the highest joys and griefs of our lives, and the scientific research has consistently shown that our birth stories affect mothers for the rest of their lives. So how do we heal? Through sharing one of my own birth stories and in my experience attending births as a doula, I discuss three ways we often tell our stories – and why those ways do not bring us the healing we’re searching for. I then lead mothers through an exercise to help them discover what their story has taught them about themselves as women and mothers, and to help them learn what God wants to teach them through their birth story.


EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY FAITH: Christians are hungry for relationship with God, but often, we do not know how to deepen our relationship with God. In this talk, I discuss some basics of psychology (such as boundary setting, acceptance of all of our emotions, and vulerability) to give us tools to move forward in emotional maturity, which will in turn draw us closer to God – for as Peter Scazzero, the author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, puts it, “You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.”

ART AND THE BIBLE: Based on Francis Schaeffer’s groundbreaking book Art and the Bible, I explore the centrality of art in the Bible and I expand on Schaeffer’s message to talk about why the arts matter in the Christian church today. 

BIBLICAL EXEGESIS or CUSTOM THEMED TOPIC: If your conference is themed around a certain Scripture or topic, I can write you a teaching from scratch! Through my education at one of the best Christian institutions in the country (Wheaton College, IL), I learned how to dive deeply into Scripture using commentaries, church history, and historical interpretations of Biblical texts to create compelling, orthodox, narrative-style teachings that will give you a deeper appreciation for the relevance of Jesus’ gospel to us today.

Listen to my teaching from the Bible (Micah 6) delivered to the women’s bible study group at Front Range Alliance Church in 2012 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Listen to my talk “How People Change” at Park Church’s Women’s Formation event in May 2017 in Denver, CO.


I’m willing to discuss your budget and come to a mutually agreed upon fee for my services.


“As a women’s ministry leader, I pay attention to the gifts of the women around me. I noticed Liz’s ability to communicate immediately. I could see that the Lord gave her insight as she studied the word. Our women were encouraged, blessed, and strengthened in their faith when she taught.”

-Beth W. / Director of Women’s Ministry / Front Range Alliance Church / Colorado Springs, CO

Liz is a gentle, yet professional speaker who dives into the topic of birth stories with a passion for moms and their journey surrounding birth.  She led us in a heartfelt reflection on what our birth stories meant to us, how they have shaped us as women, partners and mothers.  Liz guided our group through some of the hard feelings and the beautiful outcomes that our delivery stories all have, showing us ways in which they shape such an intimate part of our life.  I highly recommend Liz to speak in both large and small group settings, to men and women alike. Thank you Liz for speaking to the women in our MOPS group!

-Tiffany K. / 2015-2016 MOPs Coordinator / Denver Community Church / Denver, CO