“Friends with Mom”

Originally published on December 20, 2013 on the Boundless blog, a blog for single folks published by Focus on the Family.

My mother is a self-declared “helicopter parent,” or at least she used to be throughout my growing up years. When my siblings and I graduated and moved out, she struggled with her empty nest. I moved furthest away — a 30-hour drive — and in the months after my move, she called several times a week to leave messages telling me how she missed me (and how my room was waiting for me whenever I wanted to come back).

Maybe your mom was like mine, and you were like me. Since moving out, I have met many Millennials with a similar story: Their parents were loving, but over-involved, which pushed them away from relationship with their parents. Often these Millenials, like me, desire to have a healthy relationship with their parents; they just do not know what that relationship should look like.

Read more at the Boundless blog here.

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